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What do I do if a child discloses to me?

In ALL cases, call Family Services at 975-5777
If you have immediate safety concerns: Call RCMP at 979-1111
If you have immediate medical concerns: Go to the Emergency Room

What is the Umingmak Centre?  

We are a team of Nunavummiut who help children, youth and their families heal from experiences of abuse. We do this by providing a safe, central location for services such as the RCMP, Child and Family Services and pediatricians to coordinate around the child or youth and provide care. Our advocates provide guidance and support to the families, and our clinical director offers child- and youth- specific therapy. 

How do cases get to the Umingmak Centre

A disclosure has to be reported to CFS or RCMP. Once this report is made, CFS or RCMP must do a brief investigation to determine if the reported abuse occurred, or may not have been possible. If they determine that NO abuse occurred, then the case is closed. If they determine that YES, it is possible that the abuse occurred or is happening, they will activate the Umingmak Pathway, and we will receive the referral from them.

What to expect at the Umingmak Centre

Once we receive a referral from the RCMP or Child and Family Services, an appointment is made with the child and caregiver at the Umingmak Centre. 

  • For the Investigation:
    • Interview – RCMP officers (out of uniform) and CFS workers, both trained in child specific interviewing, will do a recorded interview with the individual who has disclosed abuse.
    • Physical Evidence – If needed, a Pediatrician will do an exam to collect physical evidence to strengthen the chance of a conviction in court.
  • For Healing:
    • Advocate – An advocate is assigned to a client and their caregiver to provide support through the entire process.
    • Trauma Therapy – This includes one-on-one therapy, group sessions and consultations with specialists. Non-offending caregivers are offered support through group sessions and involvement in their child’s one-on-one therapy. 
    • Reassurance Exam – a physical exam by one of the Pediatricians can be arranged, to ensure all health concerns are taken care of and to allow the child and caregiver to ask questions of a medical professional.